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Bruce Lightner for City Council 2016
Gary Crummitt, Treasurer
525 Seaside Way, Suite 101-C
Long Beach, CA 90802

Important Information

Please read all of the instructions below. Hopefully this will assist you in making your contribution to "Bruce Lightner for City Council 2016" and help us comply with all campaign laws.
  • If contributing by check, please make the check payable to "Bruce Lightner for City Council 2016." Contributions for any amount up to $500 per individual are allowed.
  • If contributing via check please ensure that your contribution is from a personal account. No business checks (including sole proprietorships) are allowed. Contributions up to $500 per individual are allowed. Contributions up to $1000 per couple are allowed if drawn on a joint account and both signatures appear.
  • If you are contributing by cash, money order or cashier's check, then contributions are limited to $99.
  • For all contributions (personal check, credit card, money order, cash or cashier's check) please fill out all the required spaces on the remit envelope, contribution form or Webpage online.
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE your OCCUPATION AND EMPLOYER. If you are a student or retired, please make sure that this is listed as your occupation. If you are self-employed, please list the name of your business, the DBA business name, if any, and your occupation. Make sure that you have provided your ACTUAL STREET ADDRESS (not a Post Office Box) for our legally required bookkeeping purposes.
  • Please remember that "it is unlawful for a contributor to be reimbursed by any organization, business, or similar entity for a contribution supporting or opposing a City candidate."

Thank you for contributing!

We promise that your contribution to our campaign to re-elect Bruce Lightner to District One of the San Diego City Council will be used to help us get Bruce's message out to the registered voters in the District.
© Copyright 2016 by Bruce Lightner for City Council 2016. All rights reserved.
Paid for by Bruce Lightner for City Council 2016, Gary Crummitt, Treasurer